Thursday, 5 November 2009

Fae Nation review of Curse of The Tahiera!

"When Rom, a young man shunned for his Tzanatzi ancestry, crosses paths with Yldich, an Einache Shaman, the pair embark on a journey which will come to change their lives, and that of their people, forever.
Dark forces are at work in Gardeth forest to the north, while in the south power-hungry nobles will stop at nothing to get what they want.
Embattled on all sides, but with the loving guidance of Yldich, Rom must face his own past and that of the land to heal the wounds inflicted by centuries of persecution and hatred. A 500 year old curse threatens all in its path and Rom is the key – providing he can conquer his own demons in time for the final battle.

Wendy Gillissen’s wonderful début novel is a powerful all-engrossing epic, in which love and forgiveness are essential lessons to be learned. Dreams and past lives are central to the story, and I was not surprised then to learn Wendy is a past life therapist who specialises in dreamwork. This understanding of her subject matter results in a sensitively crafted and profound spiritual adventure for both the main protagonists and the reader.
The rich history and cultures of the land in which the tale unfolds is entirely convincing, as are the story’s well rounded and sympathetic characters. I found the Curse of the Tahiéra very evocative of the myths and legends of the British Isles, particularly the Tuatha Dé Danann of Celtic legend. For all it’s depth, Wendy has succeeded in writing a thoroughly enjoyable tale which never once becomes heavy going or dull (the curse of many fantasy epics I have endured over the years!)."
Tangle Catkin, Fae Nation, Your Virtual Portal to Faerie

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