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Todd Fonseca Review of Curse of the Tahiera

Another review that has me so grateful... and stunned - in a good way! :-)

A Dreamwalk Through Past Lives

"Despised due to his Tzanatzi heritage, Rom made his living as best he could by trading and selling goods in the northern and southern Einache villages alternating between them as the seasons changed. However, while preparing to travel North directly through the bordering forest, Rom learns that this journey has become increasingly treacherous as an evil presence felt once long ago appears to be rising once again. An old Einache farmer named Yldich befriends Rom offering to accompany him on his journey. Soon Rom learns, however, that Yldich is more mage than farmer having the ability to commune with nature, call upon the animals, and sense the very fabric of all that surround them. When Rom starts to experience his own dreamwalking, he begins to wonder if perhaps his meeting Yldich is something more than a simple chance encounter with a good Samaritan. In fact, Rom learns he may hold the answer to a five hundred year old curse that threatens to destroy the lives of the Einache and Tzanatzi alike.

Wendy Gillissen's Curse of the Tahiera is a unique and fresh offering to the fantasy genre. In this debut novel, Gillissen pulls from her experience as a psychologist specializing in dreamwork and past life therapy. Through Rom the reader slowly discovers the possibilities of past lives and the impact on their contemporary vessels - how decisions made long ago have far reaching implications. While fantasy elements are present, this novel is really a character exploration of a young ostracized man dealing with his negative self view so long forged through the eyes of others and their prejudices. Through Yldich and his own inner journey, he begins to view himself and his past self differently giving context to a life previously without meaning.

Gillissen's pace and plot unfold in an effortless manner keeping the pages turning at a rapid rate. Her detailed and carefully considered narrative and use of Tzanatzi and Einache languages help to envelope the reader into this unique world. The passages where she shares Rom's emotional and physical journey through his first intimate experience and later love interest are exceptionally well written. Rom's journey to the underworld is especially well crafted besting that offered by Phillip Pullman in The Amber Spyglass (His Dark Materials, Book 3).

Curse of the Tahiera is a complete volume although Gillissen provides a few teaser pages for the sequel The Search for Tzanata to be published soon. I for one, look forward to its release."

Rating: 4.5 of 5

Todd A. Fonseca is author of 'The Time Cavern', Amazon reviewer and creator of the wonderful blog 'Tag my book'

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My Library Thing Member Giveaway: two days to go!

I decided to offer one more copy of Curse of the Tahiera for the My Library Thing Member Giveaway, so that makes the total four copies! There are currently 304 members requesting.

There are two days left to request a free giveaway copy in exchange for a review - if you'd like to read and review an engrossing new fantasy novel for free, here's your chance! Giveaway ends September 30th.

Wendy Gillissen for Curse of the Tahiéra, available at

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APA Book Blitz: Tuatha and the Seven Sisters Moon

Julius Caesar wrote of the Celts: "The Celts were fearless warriors because they wish to inculcate this as one of their leading tenets, that souls do not become extinct, but pass after death from one body to another..."

Seven Sisters. The infamous collection of stars align with the full moon on Hallo’een, alighting the sky for a destiny that’s waited centuries. Dru, a gifted, but tormented witch living alone on the coast of Ireland wakes to find Ty, her long-time love, mysteriously disappeared. In Paris, Katerina, an oppressed but talented dancer bravely takes the stage in one final performance before escaping a life of tyranny, looking for a freedom she’d only known in dreams. Aodh, The Dagda, a man made of ancient legends, has slumbered for two millennia. Tonight, when the moon is full and the stars are aligned, he rises from his temporary grave to find the world is not as he remembers. His people, his family, his tribe have vanquished, along with the majority of his considerable power.

Chance takes him to Dru, and together they set out to find the key to reopening his world, whilst forming a bond of friendship neither has ever previously known. During their search, Dru learns Ty was no mortal man, but a god with a prophecy to fulfill. Ty died before fulfilling that prophecy, setting off a chain of events that would forever alter the future. Devastated, Dru abandons Aodh and the life that should have already been hers, and finds herself in the company of the worst sort. She begins a sordid affair with Kas, a daemon whose insatiable lust for power is only outdone by his lust for Dru.

Separated from the only friend he knows, Aodh is left to search the world alone for answers. He meets the young and beautiful dancer, Katerina, and is instantly smitten with her grace and purity. He stays near her, pretending to be mortal, gaining her friendship. But on Katerina’s birthday, just as Aodh is ready to concede to a life of mortality, Katerina is ripped from him by Kas. Aodh’s ideas on remaining mortal are no more; he has to unlock the secrets to his world that will open a trove of unimaginable power to save the two women he loves, before time is no longer in his favour, and he loses everything.

Author's Note
This Limited Edition of Tuatha and the Seven Sisters Moon will never be reprinted. Not only does it have a special cover dedicated to the Witch City (Salem) it also holds additional content not in the standard version. This Limited Edition houses a secret chapter that will NEVER BE RELEASED in any other volume. This chapter is pivotal in the understanding of a character that weaves everyone together and offers clues up front to the other books in the series. You will also receive your copy before the standard version even hits stores. Every copy will be signed and personalized by the author. This printing will help launch the novel, my publishing firm, as well as the book tour that begins in Salem, Mass during Haunted Happenings in October.

and Author D.VonThaer please visit:


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4. Books with characters you can relate to get your attention.
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7. You like books that make you laugh and cry, and cry until you laugh.
8. Discovering new worlds and old legends is your cup of tea.
9. You need to know the secret content in this volume, and it will drive you crazy knowing you'll never be able to buy it again.
10. You collect books, and appreciate the value in a limited edition that will be out of print as soon as it's off the presses.

Purchase TUATHA AND THE SEVEN SISTERS SISTERS MOON on September 25th, 2009 and receive a free bookmark that matches the Limited Edition Salem Cover.

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Amazon review: enhanced my own Dreamwalking

I am so grateful for the enthusiastic reviews I have received since 'Curse of the Tahiéra' was released in May this year. Sometimes I feel a reviewer has touched the essence, the soul of my book so well that I want to do a little dance and have a little cry (and sometimes I do;) Here is another of those reviews.

"I will admit that I was a little hesitant to begin this novel. Over the years I have come across too many unoriginal, formula-written fantasy clones that are apparently published out of pure ego or to make a buck. Now let me state that this does not describe this book- not at all.

Yes, this is a fantasy novel written in a fictional medieval/celtic world (the time and location are never actually spelled out but that is a good thing.) However, I detected no formula, no cliches. I found myself drawn deeper andd deeper into a genuinely well told tale. I identified with the characters and wanted to be part of their fellowship. Moreover, there was a great deal of spiritual, metaphysical, and wisdom lore artfully hung on the framework of the story without it seeming out of place. I recognised the truth of it even though the terminology was different from my own. In short, this book recharged me instead of draining me, and that is the best measure of a book from my personal experience.

I looked forward to reading this novel nightly before sleep- it certainly enhanced my own dream walking..."

Amazon review by
Oakshaman, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer

Wendy Gillissen for Curse of the Tahiéra, available at

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Review by Katinka Hesselink of All Considering

"I met Wendy Gillisen online. It turned out we have a lot in common: an interest in fantasy fiction and spirituality and what’s more, she’s also Dutch. So she sent me her novel ‘Curse of the Tahiéra. I was of course surprised that she would have written a novel in English when her first language was Dutch (it is available in Dutch as well). I have to admit, I was also skeptical of the quality. I get sent books a few times a year and they are generally not worth discussing.

The first and only ‘dutch-ism’ I could find was on the first page. The book gets better and better as you read on. Once I’d passed the first chapter, I was totally hooked. The world Wendy has created reminds one of the Middle Earth of Tolkien, but more natural. It’s reminiscent of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s interpretation of the myths of Arthur, except that this is not about king Arthur. It is clearly inspired partly by the stories of Atlantis, except that it’s not about Atlantis.

In short: Gillissen created her own world, though heavily using themes from the myths and history of Great Britain.

In this world three races of people have lived together for centuries, mixing yet always in conflict. Our main character young ‘Rom’ is of mixed descent and in consequence has had a very difficult life. It’s about to get even harder as he meets a stranger on one of his travels. That’s the start of the story. Together they get into more trouble and Rom learns the magic that is his inheritance. Together they travel their world because the wise stranger has noted a danger that he feels only Rom can avert.

The magic of this world has everything to do with dreams. Dreams which constantly mix with reality. This is a reality which Rom has to face head on and explore. Rom is a strange character: like Harry Potter he is giving, yet sometimes aggressive. As we (and he) learn more about him, the mystery deepens. Facing himself will determine the future of this world. I won’t give the plot away, but I can tell you that it will move you AND make you curious about the sequel.

The best fantasy fiction creates a world that is internally consistent and convincing. It makes us feel, if only for a few hours, that what is described could very well be. Wendy Gillissen has created such a world and I’m looking forward to the sequal which should come out this autumn.."
Read the review on Katinka's blog:
All Considering

The new Book Review

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Another review: by Poisoned Rationality

"In many, many ways Curse of the Tahiera is a book I love. The way that Gillissen interweaves the importance of the dreams of the characters to their development is wonderful. The world in which the characters inhabit is both familiar, but refreshing. The only jarring sensation I had through the first half was every time Rom or Yldich used one of the made-up words, I had to go to the back [to the glossary] to figure out what it meant. I didn't have a real sense that I would understand the words if I just kept reading through and gleening from the text the meaning.

The story begins with how Rom and Yldich meet. Which is to say, Rom gets into a bloody fight and then meets Yldich while he's recovering and not listening to common sense (which seems to be a thing he does frequently). Yldich is older then Rom, but is the more laid back one. The one who isn't worrying so much about this or that not happening. Rom is rather intense, focusing so keenly on his dreams and what they mean that it consumes him at times. They come from two different races, but don't have trouble communicating.

Occasionally the narrative was a little stiff, but this was translated from another language and even the best translations fall short of the mark. It's often hard to capture the same lyrical quality or tone that an author uses in their original language when translating to English. I see the problem often when reading manga or translated japanese novels--you can't translate it word for word (due to differences in grammar and puncuation) and if you instead translate with the 'gist' of the intent you'll likely miss important clues without even realizing it.

The climax was in fact thrilling. Rom's journey as he connected the pieces in his dreams of the past to the now of the present came together and the choices made left me feeling satisfied. Not fully, I still have a great urge to read the sequel, The Search for Tzanata (due out this autumn according to the author's website) however. "

Read the full review here:

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New Review by All Considering!

Read it here:

Schiphol musing

I returned home today from a lovely trip to Greece. By plane, of course.

Flying is a strange mode of transportation: you move hundreds of miles in a day, yet most of the journey is spent waiting at the airport, waiting in line, in the plane, by the baggage belt... endless sitting, standing and waiting.

So there I was, at baggage belt no. 2 and this time I decided to let go of my instinct to get in front and stare at the luggage like a hungry hyena at a herd of cattle. I took a seat and relaxed, at the end of the belt, where I could see my suitcase coming at my leisure. If it weren't for all the pairs of legs getting in the way. In no time at all, people were crowding around the baggage belt like ants, staring at the bags and suitcases like said hyena, getting in each other's way. Tall, young men crowding out elderly ladies, so they had to scramble to get to their suitcases when they finally arrived.

It reminded me of the old story about a man who can choose whether he wants to go to Heaven or to Hell.
A man may choose between Heaven or Hell, but first he must visit both to make up his mind. So Saint Peter takes him to see Hell first, and he sees people at a great banquet, with tables laden with the loveliest foods, but their spoons and forks are so long that they cannot succeed in getting a morsel in their mouth, and they're starving for eternity. Then Saint Peter takes the man to see Heaven. To his astonishment, the situation is exactly the same. But then the man notices: in Heaven, the people are using their long spoons and forks to feed each other, and everyone is happy and content.

When I walk into Schiphol baggage hall and find the passengers habitually hauling luggage off the belt for each other and passing it down the line, instead of scrambling for their own, then I'll know we have made some progress in this world.

Readaholic: Review: Curse of the Tahiera by Wendy Gillissen

New review by Readaholic!
"Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Join Rom and Yldich's journey to save their people and learn about an ancient curse. Travel to new with an outcast and a shaman. Can they work together and do what it takes to save not only themselves, but the one's they love as well?

As you all know, I don't like to give away too much of a book. If you are a spiritual person or if you like the idea of being snatched up and literally thrown into a novel, get this book. I pretty much knew that I would enjoy it but now I'm ready for book #2! I don't really know if there will be a book #2 but I promise you I will be discussing this with the Wendy!"
Review link:
Readaholic: Review: Curse of the Tahiera by Wendy Gillissen

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Curse of the Tahiéra Book Feature on APA!

A journey through haunted forests, through dreams and time.

A story of love, magic and the power of forgiveness.

A Tzanatzi outcast and an Einache shaman are on the trail of an ancient curse.

Will they save their people from destruction?

Excerpt from Curse of the Tahiéra by Wendy Gillissen

Dead silence spanned the plain. They came with the failing of the
light. Their slender swords gleamed in the pale light of the moon.
On the other side of the plain young, inexperienced hands clutched their swords, and old men held their breath. A dark horror crept over the battlefield and smothered everything in its path.
A dark figure stood at the top of the cliff. The wind lifted strands of
midnight hair. They floated about his head as if they had a life of their own.
He steadied himself and drew his sword. His voice was a whisper.

Buy Curse of the Tahiera by Wendy Gillissen

For a chance to win a copy of Curse of The Tahiera, leave a comment telling us what country Wendy resides in and what instrument she plays (hint: check out her website). Winner will be chosen by random draw, contest closes Thursday September 10th 2009, at 12:00pm EST.

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APA Book Feature Color me Jazzmyne

Book Feature: Color Me Jazzmyne, Marian L. Thomas
Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Excerpt From COLOR ME JAZZMYNE, By Marian L. Thomas:

"There are moments in our lives when we are forced to open our boxes and expose our colors. For me, that moment had arrived. I woke up one morning with the sun glaring into the corners of my eyes, and the light from it burning a sense of reality in my head. It was at this precise moment, that I realized it was time to open my box, pick up the phone, and make a call to a son whom I hadn't seen, since birth. I knew it would be difficult, hard and very emotional. For both of us. And yet, this was a moment that neither could run from. It was a moment that we both would have to face. That was the beauty of reality, the nature of a moment."

To learn more about Author Marian L. Thomas please visit:
Learn about L.B. Publishing here
Buy Color Me Jazzmyne from Amazon!.

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Giveaway copies!

I'm giving away three copies of 'Curse of the Tahiéra' on My library Thing in exchange for a review! If you would like to read and review an engrossing new fantasy adventure for free, here is your chance!
Find the giveaway here: My Library Thing
You may have to scroll down a bit. Giveaway ends September 30.
Good luck!