Sunday, 8 November 2009

Curse of the Tahiéra review on APA!:)

Curse of the Tahiéra by Wendy Gillissen is one of those rare books that simply is a gift to the reader.
One of those books that will take you away into other worlds, reach out and fully grab your attention, immersing you completely into a rich and delightful story.

The story takes place both in the physical world and in the many levels of the spiritual world. Truly, it is a spiritual adventure, taking the reader through the cycles of life, death and rebirth, without stoppage in plot or character development.
The wise Shaman, Yldich, finds Rom, whom he has been dreaming of for many years and recruits him to travel north. Young Eald joins the journey. These three characters journey together, forging strong bonds.
Rom, figures out whom and what he is while the youthfulness of Eald provides a nice balance to the serious matters that Yldich weighs.
Rom has constantly had dreams of his past and among his dreams he finds the hidden tool to use against the Tahiéra.
The authority to the south represents the new world trying to override the old and makes you question which side will win in the end.
With a surprise ending, an unexpected love interest and a cast of rich characters, this book was impossible to put down.
Wendy Gillissen’s prose is lyrical and colourful, captivating and engaging.
Curse of the Tahiéra, is an unique intelligent fantasy book, one that offers the reader an adventure not to be missed.
Tina-Sue Ducross, Authors Promoting Authors

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