Tuesday, 25 August 2009

'Fascinating and entertaining'

I am very pleased with my second review of Curse of the Tahiéra, by Rebeccasreads:

"Dead silence spanned the plain. They came with the failing of the light. Their slender swords gleamed silver in the pale light of the moon. On the other side of the plain young, inexperienced hands clutched their swords, and old men held their breath. A dark horror crept over the battlefield and smothered everything in its path.
A dark figure stood at the top of the cliff. The wind lifted strands of midnight hair. They floated about his head as if they had a life of their own. He steadied himself and drew his sword. His voice was a whisper. Now." (Prologue)

So begins Wendy Gillissen's "Curse of the Tahiera," a fascinating and entertaining spiritual adventure. The two main characters in the book, Rom, a Tzanatzi outcast, and Yldich, an Einache shaman, are on the trail of an ancient curse in an attempt to save their people. The magical journey that they embark on will definitely captivate your attention from start to finish.

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